Monday, June 5, 2017

My (Mizuno WaveSky) Review:

My Mizuno Wave Sky Review:

A run well done.

If I was to ask you what it is you like about your running shoes, what would you tell me? Could you tell me that your shoes have taken you on countless adventures​. Could you tell me you trust the company behind the shoes you wear? How many miles have you run or better yet, how many miles have you run blister free in your shoes? Do you get so excited when you've ordered a new pair of running shoes and they finally arrive? Do you put them on your feet right away or wait until you actually have a run to go do? How about this; do your running shoes fit perfectly every time? How many pairs have you bought from the same company? Do you keep your out run pairs of shoes because you can't seem to part with them? Do your shoes take your souls to places they've never been before? Would you recommend the shoes you wear to your friends? How many times have you fallen in love with your shoes? Have you fallen in love with your shoes so many times you've lost count? Does each pair of shoes, have a different story to share about your running? What would you or could you tell me about your running shoes???

Here is what I will tell you about one pair of my running shoes that I've been given opportunity to wear and review: The new Mizuno Wave Sky are perfect. They fit perfectly. They feel perfect on my feet. I was so excited for them to show up on my front steps at home, that I couldn't wait to try them on before going inside.

I had just gotten home from my nephew's 5th grade graduation. I knew the package had my new pair of Mizuno running shoes. I couldn't wait before trying them on!

I could have taken them off since I didn't have a run planned, but I decided to leave them on a little longer. I was enjoying them way too much! I caught myself walking around at my house saying "Oh my gosh I love these" "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh I love these shoes" "Hutson mommy loves her new pair of running shoes and you would too if they fit your little feet."
If my daughter knew what crazy was, she would probably think I'm crazy. She'd probably be right for thinking her mom is crazy - if crazy means you get excited about every new pair of Mizuno running shoes that shows up at your house, then sign me up for crazy!!!

Feels like flying.

The (New Mizuno WaveSky) are considered their newest cushioned trainer. Seriously soft and definitely​ feels light, even though it weighs 9.0 ounces.

Looks like Flying.

Shoes look great, feel great, are great!

I have always been a fan of running in Mizuno running shoes, it's no secret. When given the opportunity to wear and review their latest pair of shoes created for neutral runners (such as myself,) I am definitely going to run with the opportunities. Wave Sky is a shoe that might weigh in a bit heavy, but feels anything but. They say this shoe is both maximum cushioning (hence the weight 9.0 ounces) and maximum comfort. After my first run in the Wave Sky, I have to agree both maximum cushioning and comfort is indeed created within this shoe. I have always had positive experiences running with Mizuno. They continue to create shoes worth running in. Never a disappointment. My first run in the new Wave Sky was a little over 6.5 miles. I feel this is a distance long enough to know whether or not the shoe fits. This shoe (Wave Sky) DEFINITELY fits! I am more than impressed and would recommend them to anyone looking for maximum comfort and cushion. 

I experienced:
No pain during my run.
No pain after my run.
No blisters.
No adjustments needed.
No complaints!
These shoes truly are perfect and I am positive you would agree!


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Breast Milk DHA : My EverlyWell Review

I was recently asked if I would like participate in a campaign testing levels of DHA in my own breast milk. At first I wasn't sure whether or not I had the time to participate. (It is harder for me to find the time to blog about anything these days. Hey moms, can you relate?) 
I hear often that healthy amounts of DHA in babies before the age of three is important because 85% of brain growth and development occurs. My seven year old son recently heard conversation about DHA on one of his t.v programs that he was watching; he asked me if his sister is getting enough DHA. He asked me if I was helping his sisters brain grow and develop. Hmm.

I took a few short moments to read more about the campaign and how easily accessible it was for me to actually test my breast milk from the comfort of my own home; I decided this campaign was for me. To participate was a no brainer. 
And of course I thought it would be fun to join other #SweatPink moms who were also participating in this EverlyWell & Fit Approach campaign. These are some of the coolest moms I know on social media!
I took the time to refresh myself with information about DHA and quickly became curious as to whether or not my own diet was providing my daughter with enough DHA from breastfeeding.

First things first: What is DHA anyway?
In just a few short sentences, DHA is basically an omega-3 fatty acid that is a primary structural component of the human brain, cerebral cortex, skin, and retina. 
Maybe we ( I myself  included) do not understand all the details of DHA, but in a nutshell it is the most abundant omega-3 fat in our brains. Eating nutrient rich foods can help keep our brains working optimally (our babies brains working optimally.) As I was reading more about DHA, I continued questioning my own diet during my pregnancy and now into my postpartum journey. I found myself looking back through all the nutrient enriched foods that I ate & eat and how often I ate or eat these foods in particular. I admit I got a little nervous. I was nervous because my second pregnancy (nutritionally speaking) wasn't one I am all that proud of to be honest. I was sick a great deal of the time and nutrient rich foods were not appealing. Needless to say, yes I was nervous about taking the breast milk DHA test. I realize what I ate during pregnancy and how I'm eating now are quite different. I'm definitely more cautious about what I put into my body as a way of making it up to my daughter and myself. I enjoy nutrient rich foods (broccoli, spinach, seaweed, salads, salmon, etc.) and I am trying to incorporate these nutrient rich foods as much as possible into my daily life.

How The DHA Test Works:

This is the easy part (actually much easier than I would have thought.) Every Well made it so easy to test the breast milk right from the comfort of your own home (No doctor visits or lab visits required.) The directions were simple (step by step.)
The preparation time was quick. To send your test back to the lab only required placing the contents into their already to go mailing package, slap the already to go label on top, and place it in the mailbox. I didn't have to drive to the post box or UPS with the baby. Hassel free!! Everything accomplished right from the comfort of my own home... 

Collect Milk Sample

Test Milk Sample - Wait 15 Minutes

Place contents into Biohazard bag

Place contents back into box

Ready to ship to the lab ( label provided & FREE shipping BOTH ways!)

Now I Wait For Results:
My results were sent to the lab on the 8th of May. Friday morning of the 12th, I received an email from Every Well that my sample has arrived and is being tested at the lab. Within five business days I should receive my results ( and you can track your order along the way.) Now I wait patiently for the results!

Why don't you readers take a five minute break from reading and click on the link: to purchase yourself one of their tests if you're interested in finding out how much DHA is in your breast milk. Feel free to save yourself 15% using BREATHE15 at the checkout.

Results of my DHA breast milk sample:
Okay okay everyone, the results are in. I repeat the results are in. Today (May 20th) I received and reviewed (all online from the comfort of my own home) the results from my recent DHA in breast milk testing. I have to say I'm slightly disappointed. Yes, slightly disappointed that my results show that DHA levels are lower than average (frown upon my face and tears in my eyes.) Just teasing, but I guess this just proves that I'm not perfect and there is always room for improvements in my diet. 

What Does This Mean?
This means that my breast milk DHA level is 0.16, indicating my levels are below average. I repeat Below Average...

Does this surprise me? To be completely honest, yes it kind of does surprise me (as nervous as I was.) It's a mix of yes it surprises me and no not really considering my diet during my pregnancy lacked in essential Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Why? I thought my postpartum diet may be enough to change the levels of DHA breastfeeding. I thought by eating salmon weekly, taking my daily dose of Bioastin and spirulina supplements, I eat green leafy veggies, I eat broccoli almost every single day. Considering my postpartum diet has been on track for most of the course; I kind of hoped that my levels of DHA would at least be in normal range. To find out that my levels after testing with EverlyWell are not even in normal range, they are below, has me wondering if my breast milk really is sufficient enough. Hmm. I know they say breast milk is near to perfect and I'm thankful my body allows me to breast feed, but perfect doesn't really exist does it?

What Can I Do?
I suppose this means I can take a look at my diet and make a few necessary changes that will ideally help increase my levels of DHA in my breast milk. This means that as I introduce "Food" to my 6 month old daughter, I can introduce items with DHA added in them. This means that I can do my best to take care of my daughter the best of my abilities. This means I can also give myself a break. Yes, give myself as a mother, a break from feeling like a failure or anything less than good enough for my daughter. This means that I will continue to breast feed as long as my daughter and I agree that this is working for the both of us (I say working for the both of us because I have experienced some challenges with keeping up my milk supply, symptoms of upset stomach in my daughter from time to time, and a challenge with being able to produce enough to pump, so that she can continue drinking breast milk while I'm at work.)
I have thought about and tried introducing formula to my daughter a time or two in attempt of reducing some of the stresses that play a part in breast feeding. I am thankful for being able to breast feed my child, but I also understand that not everyone is able to do so. Thankfully there are other options provided for all kinds of situations that create a happy baby a happy family. 
In the end, I think that as a mom and other mothers, just want what's the best for our child/children. We do what we can. Sometimes we have to have  a little extra help beyond our own capabilities. Thankfully there​ are tests provided to help guide mother's, such as myself, in caring for our children the best we can. Had I not taken the DHA test, I would have not known that my levels in my breast milk were low. Knowing this, I now can make those necessary changes that will benefit the growth and development of my child. Because my levels fall below average range, I am being provided with information evidence based diet and lifestyle guidance on how I can help improve the levels of DHA. A little extra help is always appreciated.

What I Have To Say About Everly Well: 
I have to say thank you first and foremost for this opportunity, this overall experience. I would like to say thank you for allowing me to test my levels of DHA in my breast milk with your easy to use, no copay, no time off work, no waiting in labs testing kits. Thank you for not judging me because of the lower than average level of DHA in my breast milk. Thank you for your support and guidance during the entire process... Thank you for making your test kits easily available!

Again if any of my readers are interested in testing levels of DHA in breast milk please use my Discount Code BREATHE15 at the checkout to receive 15% off your purchase. Your levels of DHA is contingent primarily on diet. You can choose to share your results or keep them for your own personal use. If you are nervous like I was, the a deep breath and go for it anyways. You have nothing to lose by testing and a whole lot to gain for the future of your children.

 (FYI: EverlyWell does have other tests available if breastfeeding is not your thing. Be sure to check out other options that will suit your needs. I'm interested in their sleeping & stress test...Wonder what kind of results I would get with that. Up all night breast feeding the baby....hmm)

Through this experience, I hope to share what I have learned from testing. I hope I have not created tension or offended any of my readers throughout my review. Please feel free to ask me any questions or concerns you might have and I'll do my best to respond as quickly and honestly as possible.

Much love,
Brooke Myers

#WhyIBreastfeed #BeEverlyWell
#Fitapproach #sweatpink

Disclaimer: All writings belong to me and are of my own. I was not told what to write or what kind of feedback to provide. I was asked to provide information on regards to DHA testing of my very own breast milk. I was paid to participate in this campaign in return for my testing, review, and social media postings. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hello Spring.

      Spring is right around the corner. On the first day of Spring, the sun shines equally on the North and South hemispheres of the earth. We think of Spring as the Season when all of those trees that have lost their leaves will begin to grow new leaves and flowers will bloom. As a small child, I remember my mother talking about "Spring Cleaning" where she would basically tear apart the house in a very fashionable sort of way. She would clean everything in our house (every room, windows, blinds, bathrooms, and even our closets.) No matter what house we were living in, she would somehow do her best to make it feel like new, make our wardrobes feel like new.

      Had been raised in Florida and now living in Hawaii, the Spring Season is not as noticeable outdoors, as it is elsewhere in other parts of the country. But that's okay because as a yogi practitioner, Spring has taken on a new meaning of its own. Spring reminds me of the magical number 108. Many yogi's all over the world come together to practice 108 Salutations at the time of the Spring Equinox. 108 has a number of significant meanings, but many refer to it as the number of beads on a Mala beaded necklace (which I referred to 108 as most often when I first started practicing), the average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. 108 has been known to represent sacred places throughout India and sacred places within the body. 

      The meaning of "Spring Cleaning" now a days, I refer to this time to clean out "Me" more than I think of it as a time to clean my house. This is my personal journey, my time to clean out those sacred places within my body. A time to get back to my true self and deep cleanse from the inside out. Whether it may be on my yoga mat repeating 108 Salutations, or taking my yoga off the mat somewhere along the ocean side practicing in an open lava field. A deep form of cleansing my mind, my body, my breath will take place. Setting aside this special time for "Me" to renew and rejuvenate. 

      It is just as important, if not more important to me, to take the time to "Spring Clean" my own body. I know when I dedicate my practice to myself and truly allow my "Prana" my breath to move through me, within me, to nourish my every internal being I feel like a new person, similar to the cleaning effect my mother must have felt after cleaning the house and making it too feel like new. 

      When I feel good on the inside, I feel even better on the outside. Spring is the perfect time of year to rethink my current situations with my internal being. If I don't like what I feel or see, I know it must be time change it. Like those trees that lost their leaves and the flowers that bloom once again, so can I and so can you. We have the opportunity to bloom again an again. 
If clothing, so to speak, can bloom and bloom again and again, with cute new prints and colors and materials, so can we! Little changes can have a profound effect!

     I do "Spring Clean" my house and my closets,but again it is not as important as taking time for "Me" internally (mind & body). This time of year is also a good time to go through my closets and get rid of those clothing items that have been hanging for way too long and no longer being worn. I like to get rid of the old clothes in my closet, so I can make room for anything new that might be making its way to replace what I have gotten rid of. It is nice to treat ourselves to a little something new, but if you or I don't like what we see on the inside of ourselves, we are not going to like what we see on the outside. The practice of 108 salutations or yoga in general, is reason to focus on the inside. I know when I feel really good mentally about myself on the inside, I want to go shopping and almost give myself this new make over from head to toe because I want that feeling to show on the outside too. A new hair cut, new clothes, new purse whatever it may be, just something new. A new addition to my old wardrobe is a part of cleaning my external "Me." Right? I love getting new yoga clothes, leggings, and other fitness apparel.

I had ordered some new yoga leggings while I was pregnant and decided to hold off wearing them until after the baby was born. She is almost 3 months old, I think it's a great time to pull out those new leggings just in time for Spring. After baby was born, I wanted to begin getting back into shape mentally & physically. It was important to me to take care of my body from the inside first (healing from the pregnancy, eating to produce for my daughter to nurse, letting my insides find their way back into place after the c-section delivery.) When I felt good from the inside, I then knew I could begin working on the outside of myself (getting my body back into its shape, thinking about replacing my wardrobe with some new fresh clothing, etc...) All of these things I do, you do, we do, play a role in the way we see and feel about ourselves on the in and outside. And of course there is plenty of other things we can do in combination with what I mentioned, but I think you get the drift!

     After the baby was born and I began making progress, I was thinking I wanted to change some things up with my wardrobe. Like I mentioned earlier, I love buying new yoga/fitness apparel, but right now I feel like I need to also buy myself something else. I thought about buying something like a skirt or new boots, something I typically would not buy for myself.

      I headed over to Prana to check out what they had coming for their new Spring Collection. Last year I got some really nice yoga leggings from Prana and still love them just as much as when I first put them on. This year I was interested in some of their other pieces besides their leggings. I was very excited because I got to pick out a new outfit in collaboration with the Sweatpink girls over at FitApproach. FitApproach has again teamed up with Prana for their Spring4Prana fun! Have you seen Prana's new Spring Collection? Really really comfortable and stylish pieces for everyone. I'm excited to treat myself to something special and we all know that feeling good on the inside helps to feel good about how we look on the outside. This momma right here "Me" truly does feel good and I think it shows and I would like to wear something to compliment that feeling of feeling good!!! Now I'm ready to spruce up my wardrobe!!! I am ready for change!!!

Here is what I have chosen from the Prana Spring Collection

If you haven't checked out their new collection I suggest you head over there now and at the checkout use my 15% Off code S4P17JBB (Now through March 28, 2017.) Take your time exploring the Men's and Women's clothing line. There truly is something there for everyone. The New Line is so exciting and full of sunshine for that warmer weather. You won't leave with an empty cart!!!

I love EVERYTHING about the Prana Spring Collection, but right now with this cute outfit I have here, I am enjoying it's versatility.  As an active mom on the go picking up my son from school and tending to the needs of my newborn daughter, I can still be cute and fashionable with lightweight and comfort on my body. It feels quite nice to be out of my daily fitness attire and into something with a lot more Spring other than my usual jean shorts and a tank! But the pieces I have here, do look great with my jean shorts and the skirt goes perfectly with a light tight tank and a pair of slippers too if I decide to mix it up. You could say I'm excited to mix and match my pieces with each other and with what is already in my closet. (It's nice to to spruce it up once in while, it's healthy for that part of "Me" externally, that I'm working on cleansing. It's different from my yoga/fitness attire and it's as comfortable as my jean shorts and a tank.) I can put on a pair of boots or slip into a pair of flops. This shirt covers my chest, so I don't have to worry about my nursing breasts to accidentally slip out for the world to see. lol. And usually I wear shorter shorts and such, but I can get used to a little longer on the legs every now and again for something different.

I love this outfit from the Spring Prana Collection so much right now (all except for the fact I misjudged my body size thinking I could use a size larger for my skirt, but in actuality I needed a smaller size (***just be sure to size yourself correctly before you choose your pieces.) And Hey,
you just might catch me wearing this very outfit on Monday March 20th ( the first day of Spring) repeating my own series of 108 Salutations - minus the boots! And I'm Not sure if I will be on or off my mat...............

GO check out and tell me what you think! I would love to know what you end up purchasing!!

Comfy is exactly what I look for in clothing.

Much love and Happy Spring,


Friday, January 20, 2017

Postpartum Reflection:

I have tried and tried to sit down and put into words my experience with my second pregnancy, but again and again I have found myself at a loss of words to describe. If anything I have come to realize just how fast time passes us by. I am already heading into my 7th week of postpartum with this new little human and almost 7 years with our first born. As I say 7 years, I literally get choked up inside. How could it possibly be that my son is almost 7? A true blink of an eye and life has passed me by.

DECEMBER 6, 2017 and then there was two!

I sit here and watch my daughter become her own little person and my hopes are that I will be as in tune with her years as I was and continue to be with my son. My hopes are that while in the midst of watching this new little person grow and develop, I will not miss the continued growth and development of my son. Having two children truly is different than just having one. Not in a bad way what so ever, just different. And maybe it feels so different because Nick and I waited some years in between having our second child, maybe it feels different because of gender, or maybe it is different because as time passes we all become different. Life is ever changing in so many ways and in those ways we decide who we are going to be or become. We make new decisions, different choices ever single day. Some of these decisions and choices effect the growth and development of each of us. Well actually all of these decisions and choices we make or are made for us, effect the growth and development of each of us. I no longer head upstairs to read my son a book goodnight for bedtime without first checking to make sure my daughter is calm and relaxed. If she is crying and needing my attention, the process of putting Whistler to bed isn't as smooth as it used to be. Sometimes I have to interrupt the bedtime routine to tend to the needs of Hutson. These choices may not seem like a big deal to some, but to me I like to keep things calm and routine. I don't want to create any form of chaos for Whistler during this time, I want to try and keep things as close to the norm as they can be.

Sibling Love

My favorite nurses Ever! Tonya on the left and Andra on the right.

I am not the same person I was when I was pregnant with my son and post pregnancy with my son, is not the same as it is with my daughter. I can already see the difference between the two personality wise. My son at 6 weeks would not allow anyone to hold him other than Nick and myself without creating a crying fest, whereas my daughter at 6 weeks allows almost everyone who wants to hold her, hold her. She is willing to explore the arms of others. My son was not willing.

I have to mention that the two of these humans resemble one another when you look at them. I would never have imagined that Hutson being female, weighing less than, and almost 7 years younger than her brother, would look so much like her brother. Their physical appearance is so similar, that more than once I have referred to my daughter as "he" or "little guy" and even "bubba boy". I cannot believe I am admitting this to be true, but I am. When I hold Hutson, many many many memories of my son appear in my mind. She looks so much like her brother it is almost too crazy to be true. Her eyes, her hair, her features, her smell all remind me so much of when I first met Whistler almost 7 years ago. Again it is way too crazy!

Okay so lets try and talk about my pregnancy. I was pretty much not feeling the best with lots and lots of headaches, heartburn from hell, and the smell of food sent me to the toilet more than I would have liked. I barely could eat anything good for me throughout most of the pregnancy. My love for broccoli went out the door within the first few weeks of knowing I was pregnant. Why is it that the body rejects certain foods during pregnancy? I eat broccoli ever single day unless I have run out or am eating out, but as soon as I got pregnant I could no longer stand the sight or the thought of broccoli. Now here I am post pregnancy and I am right back to eating broccoli every single day. I craved it while I was still in the hospital a matter of fact. Pregnancy can have strange effects on a woman. Hmm.


Aside from not feeling my best during pregnancy, I am happy to say that I never missed work. My goal was to maintain myself enough to continue teaching yoga, spin, and all my other fitness classes for as long as my body and baby would allow me too. Actually, I did quite well with teaching most classes up until just a few weeks before birth and teaching Gentle yoga right up to the night before I actually did give birth. That was fun for me! What was not fun, was giving Nick a much harder time during this pregnancy. Sorry honey! Nick was well beyond supportive and attentive to my needs during my pregnancy. He picked up the pieces where I was unable too and he kept things running as smooth as possible for all of us.
Again thank you Nick for everything you do!  Thank you for helping me create these two humans.

I seem to be bouncing back after having my daughter and I am easing my way back into fitness with the consent of my doctor. I will be heading back to teaching classes within the next couple of days. Bittersweet to be going back to work. On one hand I look so forward to teaching classes and seeing my students and on the other hand it means time is passing by once again all too quickly. My daughter will be in the great hands of her father while I be teaching, which gives me peace of mind. I consider her time with her father to be of great bonding with one another, which we know is beyond important developmentally. Both of my children will be taken care of and their normal routine wont have to be broken up as I go back to teaching.Very thankful.

Has anyone ever developed a rash after giving birth? Never have I ever had or heard of a rash like the one I developed towards the end of my pregnancy. Towards the end of pregnancy I noticed some reddened tissue under my breasts. I thought is was sensitivity from the growth of my breast during pregnancy (they got so much larger than I remember getting when I was pregnant with my son.) Three days after giving birth to my daughter I noticed the redness began to spread and became very itchy. It only seemed to progress with each day. It eventually got so bad, I went to my Ob and asked her for her opinion. She ruled out it being related to Thrush and instead thought it looked more like an allergy to something. She told me to try taking Benedryl (after taking it for 3 days and absolutely NO change in the rash, I quit taking it.) A couple of days later the rash was so severe to the point I literally wanted to tear my skin apart. I woke Nick up one Saturday afternoon from his nap and asked him to please take me to the Urgent Care. This doctor, well this doctor at the Urgent Care responded when he first looked at me with the thoughts that I had Scarlet Fever. WHAT THE.................. my thoughts exactly! He ruled out Scarlet Fever because there was no signs or symptoms of me having Strep. So he told me to start taking Vitamin D3, probiotics, and drinking Kefir. He also prescribed me amoxicillin just in case I over the next couple of days did indeed develop Strep, than I could go get the prescription, but only if I did develop Step. I never did! Good thing I never did because my Ob said not to take amoxicillin. Another couple of days went by and I thought just maybe the vitamins and probiotics were helping until I noticed the itching got again worse. I ran into a wonderful friend in Target who had similar rash under her breasts and she used this type of dandruff shampoo which she recommended to me. I tried it too! It was feeling better for another couple of days until it was no longer feeling better. To my doctor I went ( he told me it was a yeast overgrowth/ fungus and long story short prescribed me to topical creams: one antifungul and the other a steroid cream.) Do you think it worked?
It did for a little bit of time, it helped relieve the itching, but the downfall was it had potentially harmful effects to children. F*ck!!!!!! So here I am nursing my newborn daughter, but if she touched these creams that I had to rub all over my breasts (except the nipple/aureola area) it could possibly stunt her growth. It seemed like every time I applied the creams, she would begin to cry for a feeding. I was beyond frustrated and would have to jump into the shower over an over again to rinse the cream. Do you think I continued using the cream. Nope!

After all of this I finally calmed myself down and stopped taking anything given to me for these diagnosis given to me. The rash sucked!! I finally just quit with everything and went back to using my normal soaps and lotions. I stopped worrying about the rash and accepted it as if it were going to be there for the rest of time. I couldn't use my nursing pads, so I leaked boob milk everyday though my shirts. I couldn't wear a bra of any kind, I was naked around the house as often as I could be. Again long story short, I am doing so so so so so so much better and if you were to look at all the spots where the rash spread ( my breasts, my ribs, my stomach, my eye, my back, under the arms, and near my underwear line) you wouldn't see anything. It finally faded and barely itches anymore. I can wear comfortable clothing again, but not the nursing pads because it creates too much warmth. Thank Goodness I am finally feeling normal!!!!!!!
And I never did take pictures of the rash, but I should have because unless you actually saw it you probably wouldn't believe me on how horrible it really was.

Only hours after my second c-section surgery. This is the real deal!

My incision is healing (looks much better than the picture above.) It seemed to be doing as well as expected. I think my first c-section healed a bit quicker than my second however. This time around I seemed to be a bit more sore than and irritated by it. That was another thing that we thought my rash could have been due to was the incision. I read that a couple of women had developed a rash due to an allergy from the glue the doctors use to mend the incision for the c-section. My area around the incision never seemed to appear as though there were any signs of infection or irritation of that kind. I am beginning to wear my normal clothing and even buttoning my shorts now, well most of my shorts!! lol!

I look forward to the rest of my healing to take place and my adventures back into fitness with running too. I cannot wait to run with Hutson in the same Chariot we used with Whistler. I am excited to see if Hutson will be interested in practicing yoga with me or go biking instead with her dad and brother. Many many things to look forward to as a family of four...............

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

If My Vagina Could Talk!

But seriously...... If my vagina could talk, I have a pretty good feeling this is what it might say:

"What? You want me to do what? Ooohhh, Hell No. No baby is coming out of me like that. No thank you, I will not be ripped or split wide open like that. I'd like to remain tight!!! No banana lips for me please and shit flying on the floor"

Okay, with all joking aside, you've asked and I'm going to answer your big question: Why am I choosing a C-Section vs. a Vaginal Birth???

In 2010 when I went in to deliver my son, my body was basically doing nothing on its own. I had dilated 3cm and was told to get to the hospital to check in and I was on my way to having this baby. I was beyond excited to meet this new life that I had been carrying inside of me for months. I was also, in so much pain at that time, I was in so much back pain (which is referred to as back labor) on my right side that I opted for a little help to calm things down. I was given an epidural and finally some of that pain started to reside. Within what felt like only an hour, I could once again feel the pain in my back and everywhere else for that matter. I was given a second epidural (shame on me according to some of you women who have expressed your feelings in regards to medication) and then I believe I finally fell asleep for a little bit and was able to get some rest.

When I woke up, the doctor came in to check on me and check my dilation. I guess my body was no longer dilating. At 6cm dilated my body chose to stop. I remember that my on call doctor that day even had to break my water. Still nothing was happening. 
As we moved into the evening, my babies heart rate was getting too high and considered at risk. "AT RISK"
My son was no longer safe, so the doctor prepped me for a c-section. It was what both myself and the doctor felt was the safest option for baby and baby being safe was my priority. I can remember actually listening to the doctors that Thursday evening who were performing the c-section discuss the difficulty they were experiencing with getting my son's head out of the incision. They mentioned that the size of his head may have caused some challenges for a vaginal birth anyways. In that moment, I knew we were doing what was right for all of us. It didn't matter that they were cutting through my lower abdomen and my uterus to get my baby out safely. It didn't matter that I might have to take a little longer to recover than a vaginal delivery. None of this seemed important or scary, it seemed necessary for myself and my baby's situation. 
I don't have an answer as to why my body didn't want to continue the process for a vaginal birth or actually never even send me into  "Real Labor" because I never got to experience contractions or pushing. It may have been my bodies way of knowing that I was not meant to have a vaginal birth and in its own way it was protecting the safety or both of us (Mother & Child.)

So with that being said, with this upcoming birth I have chosen a planned c-section to delivery my daughter. Many women have questioned why, but I myself have not questioned why. In my heart, I feel this is the best option for my baby and myself. I know VBAC is an option, but I have opted against it. My doctor has opted against it. I may not be the best candidate for a VBAC due to the situation that occurred with my son and the possible effects that a car accident years ago had on my pelvis. I had broken my pelvis in 5 places. No certainty there, but no need to take chances either.

I have had multiple women tell me that a delivery by c-section is not considered a "Real Birth."
Well we are all entitled to our opinions & my opinion is this: Yes it is! 
Birth is birth and in the end I would like to think all mother's just want the best for our babies. We hope for a safe, healthy, and happy baby. A safe delivery. C-section or Vaginal birth, it is still a beautiful and miraculous part of life. Each experience will be different and every woman is different. To those women who have delivered your babies vaginally, no medications, at home or in the water, I am amazed by you. You are Inspiring for all women.

In my situation, my son was in need of help getting out & my body was in need of help getting baby out. I was in no place to react, to fight, or question at that time. My heart felt a complete sense of ease and I was ready for a c-section birth. My heart again, years later, feels at ease with the decision to plan what will be my second c-section. I don't feel the need to take a "Risk or Chance" at a vaginal birth so I can be a part of this populated group of women who deliver vaginally. I am 100% satisfied with a planned c-section with baby #2. I am 100% satisfied without feeling the effects of a vaginal birth. And I am 100% satisfied with maybe taking extra time to recover post c-section, undergoing what is considered a major surgery, and feeling that slight tension that I have always felt from my previous c-section. 

At the end of the day, I have one very healthy and happy little boy and hope for a very healthy and happy little girl to come.

Now I know I didn't have to answer your questions, nor do I need to find a reason to explain myself, but I have chosen to respond. I don't mind sharing my experiences with you. I am confident in my choice to have another c-section December 6, 2016 to deliver my daughter. By sharing my response to your question that many of you have asked me, I hope you will respect my decision whether or not you agree or disagree. 

With love,


Friday, November 4, 2016

Mizuno Wave Rider 20th Edition: My Review

34 Weeks Pregnant and still trying to keep up with what running I can.

WHOOT WHOOT!!! It's here. The New Mizuno Wave Rider 20th edition and I am happy to share my Review!

When it comes to running, a good pair of shoes is not just for showing off to all of your friends, it's a necessity. I'm not sure how I used to run months & months, which turned into years in the same pair of shoes back in the days, college days. The things you learn overtime or with age! The things you learn from other runners, experienced runners.

A good pair of shoes isn't always easy to come by either, but when you slip into that one pair that takes your breath away, you know it's a keeper. This is exactly what Mizuno Running Shoes have done for me over the past couple of years. I have come quite familiar with running in the Mizuno Wave Sayonara's and the  Mizuno Wave Rider's. BUT... The New Platinum 20 are by far one of my most supportive and most comfortable pair of running shoes I've yet to try.

And.................Just a to sidetrack for a moment, what do you think about the color? I'm digging the grey and pink color too! And they do have an awesome shade of blue if that's more your style. But anyways, you will have to check out the Mizuno Website to see all they have to offer.

For those of you who don't know me, let me tell you that I'm about 4 weeks from having my second baby. Being pregnant has put somewhat of a damper on my full time running and comfort of my feet, but with the New Wave Rider 20's redesigned technology & cloudwave coverage, this pair of shoes really does offer a smoother, softer ride....I've also noticed that this new edition to the Wave Rider provides more support, a little more snug to my ankle's and the foot as a overall whole. With every strike, I can feel an extra amount of cushion underneath my heel. It doesn't create too much cushion though, so don't worry about that. This shoe does not feel heavy. To my surprise, the amount of support this shoe has to offer, I would have thought it to feel more bulky & heavy, but it doesn't. It is in my opinion a great comfort shoe (especially being pregnant) and that's why I am looking forward to running longer miles in a pair. When Mizuno says the "New Wave Rider 20th edition is the smoothest, softest, most responsive Wave Rider yet," I would have to agree.

My feet were beginning to feel very tired and very sore from pregnancy (NOT THE SHOES), but as soon as I slipped into the Wave Rider 20th edition, it was almost instantly that - that tired and sore feeling went away. (They took me back to one of my longest training run days when I was out on the highway wearing the Mizuno Wave Rider's for a solid 35 miles that day and NO PAIN!)
This again proved to me how much I, as a runner, support Mizuno Running Shoes and they in return support their runners. I may be biased, but I truly love every pair of Mizuno's I have had. Why do you think I continue to wear them, buy multiple pairs at once? BECAUSE I TRUST THEM. Mizuno makes quality shoes that runners can count on for all kinds of training days. My running shoes take me all kinds of crazy places out here in Hawaii and they have not failed me yet. You would think the lava rock would eat these shoes up in a second, but it doesn't. I can across the lava and still maintain that smooth, comfortable feeling all because of the shoes that are protecting my soles.

I've done about a handful plus walk/runs in my New Wave Rider 20's since I received them to try out and review. I have not experienced any negative side effects. My feet, my ankles, my calves, my legs actually feel quite renewed and reinvigorated from the comfort and support I have received from wearing the 20's. Definitely more to offer in the 20th edition of the Wave Rider.

I cannot wait to get back into full time running, full time training. Wearing new shoes always gets me SUPER excited. Does it you??? So being offered the opportunity to try out the New Wave Rider 20th edition shoe, got that love for running nerve kicked into full gear. Oh Man, I cannot wait to put some true miles in these babies. I've already signed up for my first postpartum Run (well it's a triathlon relay team I will be a part of (I get to run a 10k.))

Let's take a moment to send our Congrats to Mizuno. Congratulations Mizuno on nearly two decades of refinement, The Wave Rider certainly does exceed all expectations I had!!!!

To learn more about the Newly Refined Wave Rider 20, check out
for the specific details...

If you have any questions specifically for me, please feel to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer to you quickly. If you are interested in reading more about the Mizuno Wave Rider 20th edition, check out the reviews online from runners of all kinds...

Thanks so much,

Brooke Myers

Friday, October 7, 2016

FRIDAY FIVE! #AwareWithPink

The SweatPink community Care's and We know you do too!!!

I'm excited to share with you my first edition of FRIDAY FIVES! In honor of "Breast Cancer Awareness" during the month of October, myself and the rest of the SWEATPINK community will be coming together to show our support. The SweatPink community is about more than just sweating, running, walking, or fitness. Sure it makes up a large part of who we are, but we also care about real life situations. As we know, Breast Cancer is a real life situation that no one should have to face alone. The SweatPink community and
AfterShokz will be doing our best to show as much support and spread awareness for those who have been effected by Breast Cancer. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, AfterShokz has launched their Brightly colored PINK - Trekz Titanium Pink headphones. (For every unit sold through October 31st, 2016 on, AfterShokz will donate 25% of proceeds to Bright Pink – a non profit that focuses on breast and ovarian cancer awareness and education.) Please check out their website for more details!

The SweatPink Community will not only be sweating PINK in our fancy PINK laces & apparel, we will be getting #AwareWithPink. So all of our posts, hash-tagging, Insta-gramming, social media sharing during the month of October is for raising awareness and we want all of you to join in with us!!!
((Every Wednesday & Friday in October, SweatPink will be posting two daily prompts on the Fit Approach Instagram channel. Please Join in! Go get yourself sweaty, snap a picture (which all know we do anyways) and be sure to tag @FitApproach @myaftershokz #sweatpink, #AwareWithPink, and help raise awareness!))

Today I will share with you my FRIDAY FIVES: The FIVE things that make me feel Aware & Empowered.

1.) Lets talk about Self-Care: For years I neglected the importance of caring about myself. Yes - I took showers and took care of myself in that sort of way, but I didn't believe I was important enough to spend time on worrying about in other ways. Long story short I ended up with a long battle with Bulimia. Fast forward to where I am now in 2016, more than ever I believe in Self-Care. One of the largest attributes to taking care of myself, is my yoga practice. Yoga is more than just a physical practice for me. It is about healing my mind set and learning to appreciate exactly who I am moment to moment. As a yoga teacher, I hope to share with each of my students the importance of taking care of the self. I always say that each time a student steps onto his or her mat, is a time to practice being completely selfish in the most beautiful way. If you show up to practice then be committed to your own happiness, healing, and let go of the outside factors you no longer have control over. Everyone should be an advocate for Self-Care. Not doing so can lead to burnout, high levels of stress, and loss of passion. Now I know I have experienced burnout firsthand and if I ask you if you have too, I am sure some of you are saying to yourself right now "yup I have too." 
Well I have heard this termed as (“compassion fatigue”) for the work we do. I know that if I don't take care of myself the best I know how mentally, I will no longer be able to care for others in such a way that will be beneficial to them both mentally & physically.We have to remind ourselves that Self-Care is not just the physical aspects, but the Mental aspects as well. We should not be afraid to touch ourselves, learn about our bodies, learn about our minds. Part of the whole #BCA is about getting to know yourself. Women do not be afraid to give yourself a general breast exam ( ask your doctor what you should be looking for) from time to time. Touchy feely is a form of Self-Care.... Yoga has taught me it's okay to be touchy feely with myself both mentally & physically. It's about self-love and acceptance.....

2.) Friends Who Inspire: This little person I am going to mention is more than just a friend to me, he is my almost 7 year old son Whistler. He has played a HUGE role in my life in many ways. I could go on and on for days about this little boy. Being a mom to him requires mental and physical strength, health and happiness, love and support, knowledge and guidance. All in which I want to be able to share with him. My son INSPIRES me to work hard to achieve each of these. When I feel like a trigger might set me back into my old habits, my son comes to my mind immediately and I know in that second I need to keep going forwards. We have such a strong connection as mother and son and I wouldn't change it for the world. I will continue to thank my son for motivating me & Inspiring me to get up in the morning, help him with his homework, play Lego's, go to the park with him, go on little dates together to the coffee shop & shell collecting,put him to sleep at night after reading books, and all the other little and big things we do. I know if my son wasn't a part of my life as he is, I would lack the amount of Inspiration I have in order to live in this life. He is my INSPIRATION! He INSPIRES ME! MY SON INSPIRES ME TO LIVE!!!

3.) Giving Back: How do you give back? How do I give back?? I believe I give back through yoga. On the daily, I believe I am Giving Back through my Yoga Teaching and Fitness Instructing. I put myself out there in this community and share all I know about health & fitness & yoga & running in any way I can. Anyone who is willing to learn from me or take the time to come practice or workout with me, shows me they care enough about themselves to live a better lifestyle. And in return I care enough and am willing to teach and share my passion with each of those individuals in order for them to live a better lifestyle. Sometimes being a Yoga Teacher or Fitness Instructor requires a lot of mental and physical strength. If we are not feeling our best, how can we expect to give our best... But Giving Back is always more important to me - seeing my students/clients achieve their goals makes it all worth it every single day. I would much rather see the accomplishments of others than only see them in myself.

4.) Inspiring Threads: A huge part of my teachings have come from my yoga teachers, meditations leaders, workshop leaders, and the community in which I live. All of these threads have all contributed to the weaving of the Yoga Teacher I have become today. Just to name a few that I have not had the opportunity to meet in person with, but try and learn from as much as I can through social media threads and reading books would be: Kathryn Budig, Paul Grilley, Shiva Rea, Amy Ippoliti and well really there are so many more, I hate to leave them out, but I could again go on and on and on.... In regards to apparel (which has to feel comfortable and lightweight), I would have to say some of my absolute favorites while practicing yoga or out in the hot sun training for a Marathon are: With Love From Paradise, Alo Yoga, Prana, Affirmats & Liforme yoga mat, Mizuno Running Shoes, Zoot tri shorts and of course I have to have my Garmin for those long training runs! And yes a nice pair of Aftershokz would be helpful while I am spinning on the bike or HIIT training in the gym where no one else wants to hear my music.. LOL...

5.) Music To My Ear - Tunes that Inspire: Music I know, plays like one of the biggest roles in working out. It does play a huge part of mine when it comes to teaching or yet taking another teachers SPIN, BUTI, and/or HIIT class. I want music that just feels really good to get my body moving. The kind of music that strikes just the right nerve to get my body moving and grooving in all the right ways. I know so many people that will not workout without music. I can understand that... Music is freaking Awesome!!!

But...................To be 100% honest, when it comes to me and "Running" the only music I listen to is the sound of my own breath and feet hitting the pavement. Running takes me deep within myself and withing that depth, I want to be able to pay attention to and understand my breathing. Music tends to be more of a distraction when I am running unfortunately. But let me reassure you, all other fitness activities better have some tunes playing, PLAYING LOUDLY!!!!!

With that said - Some of my favorite tunes that have been buzzing in my ears are: ((And if you are interested in sharing music or in need of something new or different be sure to check me out and follow me on Spotify)) Brooke Myers
  1. Capsize - Emily Warren, FRENSHIP
  2. Music by Fetty Wap
  3. Till Ya Legs Hurt - 99 Percent
  4. Funk Sweat Dope - Bobo Norco, Mississippi 
  5. Sisters - A Tribe Called Red, Northern Voice
  6. Hym For The Weekend - Coldplay, Seeb
  7.  Side to Side - Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj 
  8. Work - Burns' Late Night Rollin Remix (Rihanna, Drake)
  9. Talking Body - The Young Professionals Remix (Tove Lo)
  10. Music by Major Lazer
I know I am leaving out some of my favs right now - just check out my Spotify for the others....

***Again we SweatPink 'ers hope all of you will Please join us during the Month of October and Show your support as we Raise Awareness for Brest Cancer. #SweatPink #MyAfterShokz #BCA #AwareWithPink No one should have to go through this fight alone!

So much Love and Support,