Thursday, December 7, 2017

My Mizuno Review: Wave Rider 21

If you are familiar with Mizuno, then you know they are constantly seeking new ways to improve the Technology of their shoes. They want the runner to have the overall best experience running in their shoes. Just one of the reasons why I am a big fan. Why my feet are a big fans!

My love for Mizuno is no secret. I've worn numerous "Neutral" running pairs in the past - I'd say the (Mizuno Wave Rider 21 revamped design) are right up there with the love I have for - slightly beneath, but close to the Sayonara's (sorry but the Sayonara's are my absolute favorite out of all the Mizuno's I've worn. However, the Sayonara's are not what I'm reviewing right now.) 
Back to the point. Since I am wearing & reviewing the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 shoe (thank you Mizuno & Fitfluential for this opportunity) here is what I do have to say (my thoughts, my opinions):

The Wave Rider 21's are definitely Comfortable & very Supportive. My feet feel protected all the way around. They are very much so Sustainable & Durable to outlast consistent pounding on the pavement (I have not yet tested them on the treadmill.) They have plenty of cushion without that bulky or heavy feel to them. 
And who doesn't like fun colored shoes, don't worry they offer a variety of cool colors (I have two pair right now: HIGH-RISE-GRAYSTONE and PATRIOT BLUE-WHITE.) 

The Mizuno Wave Rider 21 are designed, not only for the Long distant Marathoners, but also the everyday runner and for the new beginner runners too. And let's not forget about the stroller pushing moms (like myself) and also those runners who have taken a break. This particular shoe has been designed for you too! When you're ready to get back to running it will be waiting for you. As long as you have a "Neutral" foot, these shoes could be the shoes you've always been looking for. I'd say these shoes are definitely well fitted for my feet. They do not disappoint me! I'd like to think they won't disappoint you either. 
The best part so far - I have not experienced any pain in my toes (prior to this past weekends Marathon, I had only worn them during my shorter training runs, but so far no pain), no pain in my heels (must be that softer heel counter) no pain to the souls of my feet, and no blisters ( well actually one blister on my second toe, but that's not because of this shoe.)
Luckily, I haven't had to worry about blisters with any pair of Mizuno I've ever worn no matter the style (again thank you Mizuno.) 

I highly recommend heading over to the Mizuno Website (which is very easy to navigate & very good at answering any and all questions you might have) and to learn more about the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 (as they have broken the design down for you piece by piece. My explanation could not do justice. Lol) 
And just in case you are not a fan of the two colors I've chosen; like I mentioned earlier, Mizuno does have other colors available.
Check them out by clicking:  ( Home Page) ( Men's Wave Rider 21 Page) ( Women's Wave Rider 21 Page)

My only dilemma was trying to decide which color of shoe to wear in the Honolulu Marathon ( this past Sunday) - you'll have to keep following my story if you want to find out which color I chose to run 26.2 in!!! I know I have more to say after running 26.2 miles in my Wave Rider 21's (as that time spent out there running the Marathon has now given me more of an idea of what the shoes are really made of.) I'll be sure to continue my review when I write my race recap! Stay tuned!! But first let me mention the fact that it rained during the race. These shoes handled the rain like no big deal. No slushy puddled filled shoes over here. That's right, the breathable mesh reduces heat and humidity build-up during performance. I've worn shoes before that doll up with water and love my feet soaked in puddles, not these.

As for now - this is my review!
Thank you for reading - My Marathon Recap will be coming soon. Stay Tuned!!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.