Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fall Again.

    Fall Into Prana or Just Slip into A Pair of Prana Leggings Gracefully!

TOP (Filament Tank) BOTTOM ( Roxanne Printed Leggings)


Okay Readers: whose ready for another season? Ready or Not it's on its way.
Fall is vastly approaching. Maybe where you live you have begun to feel the shift and already curling up on the couch to another season of sitting & watching Netflix in a pair of your most comfy leggings. Here in Hawaii not so much. Not yet anyways (feeling hopeful for some cooler weather just around the corner though.)  
Tank tops, jean shorts, and a pair of flip flops is still my most favorite way to go; however, my #OOTD doesn't go so well when I'm teaching yoga or any other of my weekly fitness classes. And I have to laugh because I just recently learned what #OOTD stands for. If you are like me and have no clue what this hashtag is short for - it stands for "Outfit Of The Day."  Thanks to a good friend on Instagram for letting me in on the acronym of #OOTD (You know who you are.)


But seriously, you guys, who feels like time is flying faster and faster each year? I do. I feel like we just got into Summer and already it's about to be Fall again. One season after another, there is no stopping it from changing. 
But all in all, I am okay with change and moving forward. Another season also means another opportunity (which I am incredibly grateful for & super excited about) because I get to wear and tear (NOT literally) through another set of leggings and a cute top from the one and only Prana. Prana's New Fall line this year has some really cute and super comfy pieces to choose from that make you want to curl up up on the couch with a nice warm cup of tea, but instead of curling up I am out and about stretching my legs and bending my back over lava fields. SERIOUSLY, the New Fall Line for Prana - It's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! If you are are familiar with their clothing and have already checked out their new stuff for Fall, then you know what I am talking about. Did anyone else (sweat pink partners) have a hard time picking just one top and one bottom?? It was harder for me than I thought I would be, but I finally made a decision kind of because I had to make a final decision. I am more than happy with my top and bottom choices. 

Let me ask you what you think of my leggings and top??? Be honest, please.



As always, I am once again impressed with my outfit from Prana. In the end I chose an outfit that I thought I would be most comfortable being myself in. I wanted a top that would cover my "mommy milk boobs" with option to remove any padding and for my choice in leggings I wanted something that was like nothing else I already had. I almost chose a solid base color of leggings, but that's what I always choose. My leggings do need to be flexible, sustainable against any lava rock I may be playing on, and definitely not see through. As a teacher the last thing I want is for my students to see any unnecessary goods such as my butt crack or maybe something else, but no need mentioning anything more. lol.

As far as sizing goes - if you make a mistake like I did, Prana stands by their goods and will offer a full refund (say you are not in love with your outfit) or an exchange. It is that simple - NO hassle or NO arguments! Before I could even return my things, they had a replacement int he mail and an email confirming the shipment. Awesome right!!!

Here I am all over the lava rocks and not one tear anywhere in my outfit. Prana is quality! Prana is Sustainable! They put effort into making quality clothing that lasts long and is good for the environment. Hence using recycled poly. Not only is recycled the way to go for the environment, its also the way to show respect to their people. 

* If you are wanting recycled apparel be sure to shop their recycled poly collection by clicking this link:

* To learn more about Prana and their Sustainability Movement click this link:


I should mention my gratitude to the wonderful team at Fit Approach for choosing me among many other Sweat Pink Partners to receive and review a top & bottom from Prana's New Fall Line 2017.... I am always up for a new adventure!

Again, thank you for this opportunity to Review a top & bottom from Prana's New Fall Line 2017. Prana & Fit Approach you are the BEST!!!

Readers: if you are interested in shopping Prana,
****Please be sure to use my special code FABM15 to receive your discount at the checkout!

Until We Fall Again,

Brooke Myers