Monday, May 23, 2016

Kids and Fitness.

When adults think about fitness, they imagine working out at the gym, running on the treadmill, or lifting weights. Wrong!!! Not anymore. Adults have expanded their way of thinking when it comes to fitness. They want more variety and with that variety better results. When children think of fitness it usually involves having fun, playing outside, being physically active. More adults want to involve their children in some kind of physical activities and more children want to get their parents involved in some kind of playing outside. Right? I believe so. I believe now a days adults and children just want to have fun. Fitness can be fun!

We don't hear young children saying I need to workout today (some, but not that common) instead we hear them talking about playing outside with friends or going to ride bikes to the park, etc... Children just want to have fun no matter what it is they are doing. 

When we talk about Fitness, it should be fun and exciting, especially when it involves children. We know there are millions of overweight and under-educated children in the area of fitness, but it doesn't have to be that way. If fitness didn't come full force at children like a chore or something they have to do, they wouldn't be so opposed to doing fitness. When it is entertaining and the approach is less directed at the child, it becomes more fun. 
We as adults need to take responsibility for creating a fun, safe, welcoming environment for all children no matter their size, color, shape, etc...

If we, as adults, become lazy and nonproductive, and complain about having to workout today or do fitness today, how are we supposed to get children active? Tell me?? It is just the way it is, but come on adults we are role models in the eyes of children to some degree. We can help get the show started and eventually the child can become responsible for his or her own well being. There are plenty of children out there who need very little to no motivation when it comes to fitness. They are their very own self motivators. But what about the children who aren't so good at getting started on their own? What are we to do? We as adults are to help them.

Helping children is exactly what LavaKids is all about. Having Fun with family and friends. Having fun in our community. “We want kids to take control of their own health. Many kids have become sedentary and unfit, leading to a lack of self-image, among other health issues. “There is a great need for programs that can inspire kids to take their health and fitness into their own hands and motivate them to stay 
Child at heart and Hydrated!
active and reap the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. Positive self-image will help kids not only through their school years, but their entire lives.” Lavakids

"Not only through their school years, but their ENTIRE LIVES." That is exactly what we should want for children whether they are our very own or belong to someone else. As a community we can come together to support one another and encourage a healthy mind and body approach to fitness. That doesn't mean there can't be a treat to go along with it. That doesn't mean that it can't still be fun.

Look at those smiles.

It gives me great joy to see these children excited about fitness. Oh my goodness how excited do these children get when they receive a medal!!! The medal means so much to these children, like they just accomplished one of the greatest tasks in the entire world. Heck! I get so excited when I see a child finish their run and get the medal around their neck. Then wait for it.... they run to the mom or dad saying " look look what I got, I got a medal."
I see smiles.

LavaKids provides such a positive environment for all children of all ages. There is a little something for everyone at the Family Fun Runs and Clinic on each 3rd Saturday of the month. These events are Free! Free snacks, nutrition, games, hydration, and much much more...
Snacks can taste good too!

I am blessed to have this opportunity to take my 6 year old son to these events. He started off running only the 100 yard dash and has now finished the 100 yard dash and the 1 mile run. He feels so proud of himself after accomplishing a task such as this. He is tired, sweaty, and happy. On the ride home, he smiles and always says " Mom that was fun."
My son Whistler.

I was excited this month to bring to the event Kona Deep water. Thank you Kona Deep for trusting me to share your product at an event. I truly agree with and and support Kona Deep product. It is a naturally occurring electrolyte filled water derived from deep deep below the oceans surface. No artificial ingredients, no added anything. Kona Deep is just pure goodness bottled up at the source! And I was happy share with the families and children because we all know how important it is to hydrate! 
Kona Deep.

Hydrate Kiddo

Too thirsty to comment!

Little guy with a big jug to hydrate after his run.

Even the dog wanted to drink from the source. Kona Deep that is...

A fun filled day and what a great family fun event! Again super excited to have been a part of this FUN! Fitness is Fun!!

Thanks so much to for all you do in the community for families and children and fitness. Thank you Kona Deep for trusting me to share your product where it would be appreciated! These athletes know the importance of hydration.... Be sure to keep an eye out (across my social media accounts), as I will be having my second Kona Deep giveaway within the next month or two and you could win a case of Kona Deep all for your self! 

Be sure to buy Kona Deep near you or at

What do you do to stay fit? How do you get your children involved in Fitness? Please share, I would love to hear........

Thanks so much,
Brooke Myers

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