Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tuning in this Trimester: My Pregnancy thus far.

Meditating in the moment of my pregnancy listening to some soft tunes on my 66 Audio Wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Maybe having a second baby six years later isn't as easy as my first, but it's definitely worth every trip to the toilet. Yup that's right, second pregnancy has had it's occasional morning sickness, which isn't always in the morning, so why do they even call it morning sickness.

I'm now 15 weeks and thought it's about time I sit down and write a thing a two I've experienced first trimester. No this pregnancy hasn't come as easily as it did with my son. For one I was 28 years old, 29 when I delivered Whistler. I am now 34 and will be 35 when I deliver this new bundle of joy developing inside of me.

Not that I think I'm old by any means, just a bit less energy these days it seems. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I was in the midst of training for my 100 mile run when I got pregnant. Maybe my body was already physically exhausted on some level of running. Not to mention the headaches. I've always had headaches since I can remember, but this pregnancy seems to have taken them near (what I think would be a migraine) on the daily. Maybe not since the only migraines I've experienced are ocular migraines, different but painful. Anyways the headaches are there...

Beside the headaches and trips to toilet, which aren't even to the toilet because I can not stand my face down in the porcelain, so I opt for a stop to the kitchen sink; my first trimester has had an amount of newness for me. I am managing to teach yoga and my other fitness classes each week. I'm proud to say I have not had to cancel any of them due to pregnancy. Yay! I'm determined to teach throughout the remainder of my pregnancy ( with my son I taught spin classes up until 8 months prego and yoga almost 9 months or so.) I wasn't able to run with my first pregnancy and well unfortunately it's looking that way with this pregnancy. I really was hoping to keep up my running, at a didn't level and pace of course, but nonetheless keep running. Those headaches I mentioned had been so terrible that anytime I tried to get outdoors they got worse or they were already so bad when I woke up in the morning that going for a run didn't seem appealing. I still have a ways to go, so I never know maybe I'll get out for a run. During the first couple weeks pregnant, I was walking a little with a friend, but in between teaching, headaches, family and all else I felt overly exhausted and haven't gotten back to it consisting anyhow.

Right now as I'm writing, laying back on the couch after this morning's class, I feel mentally exhausted. We got notice from the owner's of the house we were living in that they were ready to sell the house; since we were on a month to month lease, we were given a BIG FAT 45 days to vacate. We wanted to move eventually now that we decided to expand our family, but not as quickly as 45 days. We went stir crazy looking for a rental property, thought of the idea to buy, and found us nowhere. In Hawaii, the rental market seemed to be so much higher than when we moved last almost 4 years ago. I looked at numerous rentals only to be completely disgusted by what was being offered in our price range, sucked into a fake property listed on Craigslist, and well beginning to lose hope. We were now only a couple weeks before July 1st ( our had to be out of the old house date) and finally found a home we are in love with. We find ourselves laughing at all the homes we lived in in the past 10 years together ( starting off in a small studio, sharing a twin size bed) and now finally 10 years later a home we are excited about. Life! Ia m very excited to announce I will be teaching yoga classes from my home on our new lanai. I will keep you posted on details in regards to classes. Now I lay here knowing how many more boxes I have left to unpack, but wanted to take a moment to catch up with some writing.

I'm 15 weeks, baby seems to being do well.. Not sure of the sex yet, but will be finding out in 5 weeks, so I will be sure to let you know! Either a boy or girl will create happiness, but this time we are slightly leaning towards hopes for a girl. Whistler always says he thinks I'm having a girl and he hopes he gets a sister. Too cute!!! According to numerous acquaintances I look as though I am already 6 months pregnant and I am asked by almost everyone if I am having twins.... LOL!

My 6 year old son Whistler Reef Nelson (soon to be a big brother)

What do you think???

*I started showing at 10 weeks.
*I seem to be getting bigger faster and wider.
*Babies heartbeat is above 140 for those of you who believe in baby myths that points to a girl. First checkup the heartbeat was 190 and second it was between 150-170
*I've been sick.
*No cravings really, not like with Whistler.
*My skin seems to be breaking out more.
* And I actually lost weight. 

What's your guess? BOY or GIRL!!!

***Any recommendations of sports bras to wear, I'm in desperate need of some new comfortable ones please? My boobs have seemed to grown way beyond what they were with my first pregnancy and keeping these boobies tucked in is difficult.  Again LOL!

***A huge thanks goes to my partner in crime Nick Nelson... In between running our Velofix Hawaii  Mobile Bike business and unpacking the majority of our boxes, packing most of Whistler's lunches for art camp (because I want to gag being around food most of the time), this family is functioning as well as it is. Thank you love for all you do, you do more than I give credit to you for. We love you!