Thursday, May 5, 2016

Running a 100 Miler (Update):

"I want to run 100 miles and nothing is going to stop me!." My exact words only a few short months ago. I still remember that exact moment I woke up, with this incredible feeling in my heart. I could feel this insane, intense feeling in my chest. That type of feeling that makes you question whether you are okay or not. Remember me saying that? I do.

Since that very moment, training had been exactly where it needed to be. I was putting in the mileage without over doing it. I was experimenting with back to back runs, carbs-depleted runs, longer runs, and walking. I had been practicing with different nutritional ideas that would be more sustainable for these longer runs. I would even get outdoors in the middle of the afternoon (our hottest points of day here in Hawaii) to go put in the miles. During the month of March, Nick's business (Velofix Hawaii) began to increase and my mileage seemed to decrease. I cannot blame him for my lack of training because our business is more important than me running. We have to work right, to pay the bills! I started to question how I was going to accomplish the training that is required in order to have a successful 100 mile run. I didn't tell anyone some of my deepest thoughts I was feeling because I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to make excuses. I wasn't making excuses! I realized I wasn't questioning my capabilities; I knew and still know I have what it takes to begin and finish a 100 mile run. I knew I wanted to run an out and back run here on the Island, No major race, no flight, no medals. I wanted to be here on Island where I am familiar, with friends and family. I wasn't questioning my capabilities, I was more or less concerned about getting the proper training without getting injured. I started to play around with different schedules and fine tuning details to get things to flow a little smoother. I was fine with the change. 

As far as my personal life goes, a conversation had come up between Nick and I that has come up in our past. Well shoots, let me just come out with it already and save you all the details: I AM PREGNANT. Surprise! Six years later and I finally decided that I too, would like to have another baby. Finally Nick, you get to have another little one! Sorry love it took so long for me to be on the same page as you, but thank you for being so patient and allowing me to be me along the way...

Come December we will invite our second child into this world as a part of our family and we couldn't be more excited. 

As for my 100 mile run, it will have to wait. Yes, I am completely fine with waiting. I will try and continue to run during my pregnancy, but if it is anything like my first pregnancy, I will be saying goodbye to running for a while. Running did not feel good for me my first pregnancy, but I am hopeful that it will this time around. Either way I am happy and I know I always have my yoga practice to rely on if running doesn't fit. 

I will be posting and updating throughout my pregnancy, so if you would like to stick around to keep an eye on me, I would be so happy to have you...

Lots of love,


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