Monday, June 5, 2017

My (Mizuno WaveSky) Review:

My Mizuno Wave Sky Review:

A run well done.

If I was to ask you what it is you like about your running shoes, what would you tell me? Could you tell me that your shoes have taken you on countless adventures​. Could you tell me you trust the company behind the shoes you wear? How many miles have you run or better yet, how many miles have you run blister free in your shoes? Do you get so excited when you've ordered a new pair of running shoes and they finally arrive? Do you put them on your feet right away or wait until you actually have a run to go do? How about this; do your running shoes fit perfectly every time? How many pairs have you bought from the same company? Do you keep your out run pairs of shoes because you can't seem to part with them? Do your shoes take your souls to places they've never been before? Would you recommend the shoes you wear to your friends? How many times have you fallen in love with your shoes? Have you fallen in love with your shoes so many times you've lost count? Does each pair of shoes, have a different story to share about your running? What would you or could you tell me about your running shoes???

Here is what I will tell you about one pair of my running shoes that I've been given opportunity to wear and review: The new Mizuno Wave Sky are perfect. They fit perfectly. They feel perfect on my feet. I was so excited for them to show up on my front steps at home, that I couldn't wait to try them on before going inside.

I had just gotten home from my nephew's 5th grade graduation. I knew the package had my new pair of Mizuno running shoes. I couldn't wait before trying them on!

I could have taken them off since I didn't have a run planned, but I decided to leave them on a little longer. I was enjoying them way too much! I caught myself walking around at my house saying "Oh my gosh I love these" "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh I love these shoes" "Hutson mommy loves her new pair of running shoes and you would too if they fit your little feet."
If my daughter knew what crazy was, she would probably think I'm crazy. She'd probably be right for thinking her mom is crazy - if crazy means you get excited about every new pair of Mizuno running shoes that shows up at your house, then sign me up for crazy!!!

Feels like flying.

The (New Mizuno WaveSky) are considered their newest cushioned trainer. Seriously soft and definitely​ feels light, even though it weighs 9.0 ounces.

Looks like Flying.

Shoes look great, feel great, are great!

I have always been a fan of running in Mizuno running shoes, it's no secret. When given the opportunity to wear and review their latest pair of shoes created for neutral runners (such as myself,) I am definitely going to run with the opportunities. Wave Sky is a shoe that might weigh in a bit heavy, but feels anything but. They say this shoe is both maximum cushioning (hence the weight 9.0 ounces) and maximum comfort. After my first run in the Wave Sky, I have to agree both maximum cushioning and comfort is indeed created within this shoe. I have always had positive experiences running with Mizuno. They continue to create shoes worth running in. Never a disappointment. My first run in the new Wave Sky was a little over 6.5 miles. I feel this is a distance long enough to know whether or not the shoe fits. This shoe (Wave Sky) DEFINITELY fits! I am more than impressed and would recommend them to anyone looking for maximum comfort and cushion. 

I experienced:
No pain during my run.
No pain after my run.
No blisters.
No adjustments needed.
No complaints!
These shoes truly are perfect and I am positive you would agree!