Sunday, August 21, 2016

That's a wrap & it's time to go back!

Let me introduce you to my 6 year old son, Whistler. He's adorable and I love him with all of my heart, but.....
This kiddo will not sleep a night through in his own bed....

 Yes, summer break has officially ended here on the Big Island. Kids are back to school, full swing into their 3rd week (Well at least my son is into his 3rd week already.) Waiting in long lines to pick up while your car sits in idle or parking almost a mile away to walk to pick up (it's quite a circus show at the elementary school to be quite honest.) Not that I didn't miss that, I didn't, but it sure is nice to have Whistler back in school
(where the teachers are smiling, making jokes, and most of all teaching our children (that part I always appreciate.))

Summer break was awesome & Whistler had the privilege of attending art camp for 5 weeks over summer. Something that was far out of our budget, but thankfully a scholarship made it possible for him to attend. It was by far one of the most rewarding experiences he has had opportunity to experience and appreciate himself.

Now it's time to sit down and get back into the school year habit. Staying up late is over kiddo!!! That's right, it's back to bed early!

Parents, here's where you come in: how do I get my 6 year old to sleep in his bed through the night? Something our son has never been very good at...
At times I've let it go and allowed him to come sleep in our bed, but being pregnant, I cannot take it anymore. It's enough I've got long arms that pretty much need a bed for themselves, but to add to it a little one in between us every single night. Come on already, just sleep in your own bed please!

I feel I've tried option after option, sometimes I start strong & strict, but that eventually fails and we are right back to "monkey in the middle."

I was chatting with my friend on the phone the other afternoon, asking for advice on how she got her kiddos to sleep through the night. "Sleep Chart" Fantastic Idea, I am going to give that a try. Right after I hung up, I googled &  checked out pinterest. There were all kinds of ideas that I thought possibly would interest my son. He's a Lego fanatic, so I eventually found a Lego Chart at I printed out  two different charts I thought Whistler (my son) would be interested in and collected my thoughts on how to bring this up to my 6 year old son. I've always been the mom that has " Real" talks with him, so I went with the straightforward approach. Or maybe I used the approach recommended - start with a 10 day chart, for each night your child sleeps in a row, child gets a sticker. 10 stickers is equal to one Lego Kit. After the 10 day chart is complete we move into a 20 day chart, which the reward increases. If the child breaks at any point, you start back at day one. It is pretty straight forward and easy to follow. I was concerned about whether or not my son was going to take it serious or not act interested altogether.

Here's what we have experienced:

Day1: Whistler (my son) slept in his bed until what I thought was the morning when my alarm went off. It was 5:49 am and I headed up stairs to check on him, only to find his daddy sleeping with him. At first I smiled, but then shook my head in slight disappointment. Daddy claims he wasn't in there all night and Whistler claims he had no idea. Hmm!

Day 2: Whistler slept in his bed until 4:30-4:45am in the morning. I heard him using the restroom and could see his light was turned on. I to my surprise was shocked to see it was almost 5am. He then went back into his room (not to sleep) to play toys. I went upstairs and at that point said he could come snuggle with us for another hour before he needed to get up for school. Needless to say, I am happy with day 2.

Day 3: It's 5: 30am and Whistler is still asleep in his bed. Yippy for day 3!!!And mommy got some extra rest too! Now it's time to wake him up and get ready for another school day.

Day 4: Slept in his own bed through the entire night! Score!!

Day 5: Again, slept through the entire night!

Day 6: Whistler woke up about 12 midnight for a drink of water (I forgot to leave him a cup full in his bathroom for him) and then went back upstairs by himself to sleep. No fuss! He woke up at 5:30 again and from that point I heard him in the living room and asked if he wanted to come snuggle a bit with us. Sunday Morning Snuggles it was.
Whistler has completed 6 straight nights in his own bed, in his own room! I think it's working!!

I am learning that consistency is the key. I had to be strict if I thought perhaps this sticker rewards chart could be of any help at all. So far I would say it has! In the beginning I wasn't necessarily sure it would play out with Whistler, but his love for Lego's must be enough to convince himself to sleep in his own bed through the night.My child loves Lego's and has been saving his own money to buy the Volcano Lego Set, but now we can help him as a reward for his sleeping success.

A few more days left with our first real attempt at sleeping through the night, I am feeling very confident that our son will achieve the 10 days and begin our 20 day sticker reward chart as to follow. I will keep you all posted on how the rest of this experience goes. If you have any suggestions or comments in regards to your experiences with your children and sleeping in their own beds through the night, I would love to hear. I am always open to different ideas, different parenting approaches.

Thanks so much,


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Let's Talk Inversions: During Pregnancy.

Okay okay, I know you're ready and raring to be the first to give your input ( opinion ), but please keep it fresh & friendly!

Inversions are often taken so serious for a number of different reasons. I guess just looking at a single body with its legs up in the air is enough to catch the eye.

I often go eyes wide like a "deer in the headlights" when I see someone upside down. It gets my heart pumping full of adrenaline. I become "inversion struck" you could say...

I'm not going to try and tell you how to invert or what inversions you should or should not being doing.

I'm not going to give you research by the latest OB/GYNOBGO&G or Obs & Gynae. 
No, you can go Google or YouTube or whatever in your own time. I'm simply going to give you my " I'm Not A Doctor" thoughts or opinion in regards to inverting during pregnancy.

Here I go:
•Do it already!
•Get upside down & get your legs up over your head! Just like that!
•Hold it as long as you can and don't come down until you are red in the face and numb in your toes!
•Don't Breathe.
•Get into the most uncomfortable inversion for the very first time. Yes practice something new.
•And be sure to not to fart!!! Passing wind during pregnancy is dangerous for both you and the baby... 


My personal feelings ( truthfully ) in regards to inversions during pregnancy has to do with listening to your body. Yes, Listen To YOUR body... As with all yoga, fitness, exercise you have to learn to listen to your own personal needs. Your bodies needs. You newly growing babies needs. I believe your baby is smart enough to let your body know whether or not a typical or non typical inversion is right for you.

I always talk to my baby & my body. I listen when my body feels tired or down right exhausted. In cases of feeling exhausted, I may choose not to invert for not only my babies safety, but my very own. During the first few months of pregnancy, I was often nauseous & headaches galore, so inverting wasn't always an option for me or only lasted 30 seconds at the most.

Now that I'm in my second trimester inversions feel quite wonderful to be honest. Well most of the time.Handstands tend to be my go to inversions during this pregnancy (which doesn't surprise me considering the amount of hand standing I practiced pre-pregnancy.)

Which brings me to the topic of: Do not be a fool and try something brand new to your practice during pregnancy. That's just common sense... Carrying a baby is more work for your body. Your body is working harder, don't forget that like I have!

I'd like to think I have a fairly adequate inversion practice. Therefore, I continue to invert during pregnancy. I practice anything from headstand with lotus legs, pincha mayurasana, handstand that meets scorpion, and on occasion the plow pose often modified into candlestick variation. Sometimes I like to just get my head below my heart with legs up the wall or uttanasana (standing forward fold.) It's a mood thing for me; what is my body feeling like practicing in the moment, what is my mood?

Candlestick Pose

pincha mayurasana / forearm stand

Handstand with a slight touch of 1/2 scorpion

Shoulder Stand

I do go through a series of warming up (that is the best for my body) before practicing inversions. I've noticed during this pregnancy my body is often more sore and needs a little more ground time stretching it out, so I stretch it out.

And you might notice my photos are using my good friend the Wall. Don't be afraid to use the Wall during your inversion practice. I don't necessarily need the Wall support, but in some situations I just want it. Yup! I just want it!! It's fun to change the shape of your inversions and relax a little longer when using the wall... Try it some time if you haven't already.

Now I've seen pregnant women at every stage of pregnancy inverting. I most recently came across a 9 month  pregnant woman practicing scorpion. I'm not sure my back will allow my body to practice such an amazingly intense back bend at 9 months, let alone 6 or 7, since I'm only at 5 months. Just the other week I was able to fully control my body from a press handstand into a gentle scorpion connection. I didn't feel the need to hold the posture for minutes, nope just a few moments was all my body needed. It felt great!!!

We are all different, each pregnancy is different ( I'm beginning to fully recognize) and really for myself I'll take it one practice at a time, one breath at a time... and I recommend you do the same. Remember what another pregnant woman can do, doesn't necessarily mean you can do.

You have to dig deep within yourself, respect yourself enough to know when enough is enough and most of all LISTEN. Listen to your body, listen to your baby. Listen to you and what feels good or right in the moment. How are you feeling? How does it feel on my body in this particular inversions? Take a moment to ask yourself questions in regards to how you feel.

Remember Not to Be So SERIOUS!!!
Have fun with your Pregnancy!!

If you still do not trust yourself with inversions during pregnancy, then go
do the research for yourself. Take the time to ask questions, read, and study. You will eventually come across something that strikes a nerve with you, resonates with you. 

I did the research, I still do. I read. I try and take time watching other pregnant yogi's via social media and in person when I can. If I don't like what I read or see, then I continue to research some more. Everyone will have an opinion. That is just the truth of it. Some individuals will even try and pass their opinions off as facts, but there will be no supporting evidence to back it up. 
Since this pregnancy, I have been told directly by a prenatal teacher that I should no longer practice inversions at 7 months pregnant. It kind of seems to be the common piece of advice given by prenatal teachers, if you will. I have heard from other pregnant yogi's, they too have been told this very same thing. Why? For there is a possibility of the baby rotating within the womb. Do you want to know what I am thinking??? I think I am more concerned with practicing the Goddess Pose or Malasana later in pregnancy due to the possible push of my baby out of my vagina. I had to have a c-section with my first pregnancy and will be having another c-section with my second pregnancy, so a baby coming out of my vagina in such poses as the two mentioned above, FREAK me out more than the idea of my baby flipping at 7 months. 

Let me just say, I love inversions and will listen to my body. I can assure you of this! I will not intentionally place my baby in harm, nor will I pretend to be the "KNOW IT ALL" of pregnancy, let alone, inversions. I am simply leaving you with my OPINION. For those of you who been asking how long I will be practicing inversions & yoga in general during this pregnancy: I say I would love to continue to practice all the way up to the moment I give birth. I can not give you an exact time frame, just my thoughts of what I hope to accomplish, what I hope my body can accomplish. I promise you this: I WILL LISTEN TO MY BODY ALL THE WAY THROUGH THIS PREGNANCY and there after, just as I tend to do.

So yeah, Invert Already!! LOL

Much love & Respect to all of you and your (Opinions too!)

- Brooke

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tuning in this Trimester: My Pregnancy thus far.

Meditating in the moment of my pregnancy listening to some soft tunes on my 66 Audio Wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Maybe having a second baby six years later isn't as easy as my first, but it's definitely worth every trip to the toilet. Yup that's right, second pregnancy has had it's occasional morning sickness, which isn't always in the morning, so why do they even call it morning sickness.

I'm now 15 weeks and thought it's about time I sit down and write a thing a two I've experienced first trimester. No this pregnancy hasn't come as easily as it did with my son. For one I was 28 years old, 29 when I delivered Whistler. I am now 34 and will be 35 when I deliver this new bundle of joy developing inside of me.

Not that I think I'm old by any means, just a bit less energy these days it seems. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I was in the midst of training for my 100 mile run when I got pregnant. Maybe my body was already physically exhausted on some level of running. Not to mention the headaches. I've always had headaches since I can remember, but this pregnancy seems to have taken them near (what I think would be a migraine) on the daily. Maybe not since the only migraines I've experienced are ocular migraines, different but painful. Anyways the headaches are there...

Beside the headaches and trips to toilet, which aren't even to the toilet because I can not stand my face down in the porcelain, so I opt for a stop to the kitchen sink; my first trimester has had an amount of newness for me. I am managing to teach yoga and my other fitness classes each week. I'm proud to say I have not had to cancel any of them due to pregnancy. Yay! I'm determined to teach throughout the remainder of my pregnancy ( with my son I taught spin classes up until 8 months prego and yoga almost 9 months or so.) I wasn't able to run with my first pregnancy and well unfortunately it's looking that way with this pregnancy. I really was hoping to keep up my running, at a didn't level and pace of course, but nonetheless keep running. Those headaches I mentioned had been so terrible that anytime I tried to get outdoors they got worse or they were already so bad when I woke up in the morning that going for a run didn't seem appealing. I still have a ways to go, so I never know maybe I'll get out for a run. During the first couple weeks pregnant, I was walking a little with a friend, but in between teaching, headaches, family and all else I felt overly exhausted and haven't gotten back to it consisting anyhow.

Right now as I'm writing, laying back on the couch after this morning's class, I feel mentally exhausted. We got notice from the owner's of the house we were living in that they were ready to sell the house; since we were on a month to month lease, we were given a BIG FAT 45 days to vacate. We wanted to move eventually now that we decided to expand our family, but not as quickly as 45 days. We went stir crazy looking for a rental property, thought of the idea to buy, and found us nowhere. In Hawaii, the rental market seemed to be so much higher than when we moved last almost 4 years ago. I looked at numerous rentals only to be completely disgusted by what was being offered in our price range, sucked into a fake property listed on Craigslist, and well beginning to lose hope. We were now only a couple weeks before July 1st ( our had to be out of the old house date) and finally found a home we are in love with. We find ourselves laughing at all the homes we lived in in the past 10 years together ( starting off in a small studio, sharing a twin size bed) and now finally 10 years later a home we are excited about. Life! Ia m very excited to announce I will be teaching yoga classes from my home on our new lanai. I will keep you posted on details in regards to classes. Now I lay here knowing how many more boxes I have left to unpack, but wanted to take a moment to catch up with some writing.

I'm 15 weeks, baby seems to being do well.. Not sure of the sex yet, but will be finding out in 5 weeks, so I will be sure to let you know! Either a boy or girl will create happiness, but this time we are slightly leaning towards hopes for a girl. Whistler always says he thinks I'm having a girl and he hopes he gets a sister. Too cute!!! According to numerous acquaintances I look as though I am already 6 months pregnant and I am asked by almost everyone if I am having twins.... LOL!

My 6 year old son Whistler Reef Nelson (soon to be a big brother)

What do you think???

*I started showing at 10 weeks.
*I seem to be getting bigger faster and wider.
*Babies heartbeat is above 140 for those of you who believe in baby myths that points to a girl. First checkup the heartbeat was 190 and second it was between 150-170
*I've been sick.
*No cravings really, not like with Whistler.
*My skin seems to be breaking out more.
* And I actually lost weight. 

What's your guess? BOY or GIRL!!!

***Any recommendations of sports bras to wear, I'm in desperate need of some new comfortable ones please? My boobs have seemed to grown way beyond what they were with my first pregnancy and keeping these boobies tucked in is difficult.  Again LOL!

***A huge thanks goes to my partner in crime Nick Nelson... In between running our Velofix Hawaii  Mobile Bike business and unpacking the majority of our boxes, packing most of Whistler's lunches for art camp (because I want to gag being around food most of the time), this family is functioning as well as it is. Thank you love for all you do, you do more than I give credit to you for. We love you!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Kids and Fitness.

When adults think about fitness, they imagine working out at the gym, running on the treadmill, or lifting weights. Wrong!!! Not anymore. Adults have expanded their way of thinking when it comes to fitness. They want more variety and with that variety better results. When children think of fitness it usually involves having fun, playing outside, being physically active. More adults want to involve their children in some kind of physical activities and more children want to get their parents involved in some kind of playing outside. Right? I believe so. I believe now a days adults and children just want to have fun. Fitness can be fun!

We don't hear young children saying I need to workout today (some, but not that common) instead we hear them talking about playing outside with friends or going to ride bikes to the park, etc... Children just want to have fun no matter what it is they are doing. 

When we talk about Fitness, it should be fun and exciting, especially when it involves children. We know there are millions of overweight and under-educated children in the area of fitness, but it doesn't have to be that way. If fitness didn't come full force at children like a chore or something they have to do, they wouldn't be so opposed to doing fitness. When it is entertaining and the approach is less directed at the child, it becomes more fun. 
We as adults need to take responsibility for creating a fun, safe, welcoming environment for all children no matter their size, color, shape, etc...

If we, as adults, become lazy and nonproductive, and complain about having to workout today or do fitness today, how are we supposed to get children active? Tell me?? It is just the way it is, but come on adults we are role models in the eyes of children to some degree. We can help get the show started and eventually the child can become responsible for his or her own well being. There are plenty of children out there who need very little to no motivation when it comes to fitness. They are their very own self motivators. But what about the children who aren't so good at getting started on their own? What are we to do? We as adults are to help them.

Helping children is exactly what LavaKids is all about. Having Fun with family and friends. Having fun in our community. “We want kids to take control of their own health. Many kids have become sedentary and unfit, leading to a lack of self-image, among other health issues. “There is a great need for programs that can inspire kids to take their health and fitness into their own hands and motivate them to stay 
Child at heart and Hydrated!
active and reap the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. Positive self-image will help kids not only through their school years, but their entire lives.” Lavakids

"Not only through their school years, but their ENTIRE LIVES." That is exactly what we should want for children whether they are our very own or belong to someone else. As a community we can come together to support one another and encourage a healthy mind and body approach to fitness. That doesn't mean there can't be a treat to go along with it. That doesn't mean that it can't still be fun.

Look at those smiles.

It gives me great joy to see these children excited about fitness. Oh my goodness how excited do these children get when they receive a medal!!! The medal means so much to these children, like they just accomplished one of the greatest tasks in the entire world. Heck! I get so excited when I see a child finish their run and get the medal around their neck. Then wait for it.... they run to the mom or dad saying " look look what I got, I got a medal."
I see smiles.

LavaKids provides such a positive environment for all children of all ages. There is a little something for everyone at the Family Fun Runs and Clinic on each 3rd Saturday of the month. These events are Free! Free snacks, nutrition, games, hydration, and much much more...
Snacks can taste good too!

I am blessed to have this opportunity to take my 6 year old son to these events. He started off running only the 100 yard dash and has now finished the 100 yard dash and the 1 mile run. He feels so proud of himself after accomplishing a task such as this. He is tired, sweaty, and happy. On the ride home, he smiles and always says " Mom that was fun."
My son Whistler.

I was excited this month to bring to the event Kona Deep water. Thank you Kona Deep for trusting me to share your product at an event. I truly agree with and and support Kona Deep product. It is a naturally occurring electrolyte filled water derived from deep deep below the oceans surface. No artificial ingredients, no added anything. Kona Deep is just pure goodness bottled up at the source! And I was happy share with the families and children because we all know how important it is to hydrate! 
Kona Deep.

Hydrate Kiddo

Too thirsty to comment!

Little guy with a big jug to hydrate after his run.

Even the dog wanted to drink from the source. Kona Deep that is...

A fun filled day and what a great family fun event! Again super excited to have been a part of this FUN! Fitness is Fun!!

Thanks so much to for all you do in the community for families and children and fitness. Thank you Kona Deep for trusting me to share your product where it would be appreciated! These athletes know the importance of hydration.... Be sure to keep an eye out (across my social media accounts), as I will be having my second Kona Deep giveaway within the next month or two and you could win a case of Kona Deep all for your self! 

Be sure to buy Kona Deep near you or at

What do you do to stay fit? How do you get your children involved in Fitness? Please share, I would love to hear........

Thanks so much,
Brooke Myers

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Running a 100 Miler (Update):

"I want to run 100 miles and nothing is going to stop me!." My exact words only a few short months ago. I still remember that exact moment I woke up, with this incredible feeling in my heart. I could feel this insane, intense feeling in my chest. That type of feeling that makes you question whether you are okay or not. Remember me saying that? I do.

Since that very moment, training had been exactly where it needed to be. I was putting in the mileage without over doing it. I was experimenting with back to back runs, carbs-depleted runs, longer runs, and walking. I had been practicing with different nutritional ideas that would be more sustainable for these longer runs. I would even get outdoors in the middle of the afternoon (our hottest points of day here in Hawaii) to go put in the miles. During the month of March, Nick's business (Velofix Hawaii) began to increase and my mileage seemed to decrease. I cannot blame him for my lack of training because our business is more important than me running. We have to work right, to pay the bills! I started to question how I was going to accomplish the training that is required in order to have a successful 100 mile run. I didn't tell anyone some of my deepest thoughts I was feeling because I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to make excuses. I wasn't making excuses! I realized I wasn't questioning my capabilities; I knew and still know I have what it takes to begin and finish a 100 mile run. I knew I wanted to run an out and back run here on the Island, No major race, no flight, no medals. I wanted to be here on Island where I am familiar, with friends and family. I wasn't questioning my capabilities, I was more or less concerned about getting the proper training without getting injured. I started to play around with different schedules and fine tuning details to get things to flow a little smoother. I was fine with the change. 

As far as my personal life goes, a conversation had come up between Nick and I that has come up in our past. Well shoots, let me just come out with it already and save you all the details: I AM PREGNANT. Surprise! Six years later and I finally decided that I too, would like to have another baby. Finally Nick, you get to have another little one! Sorry love it took so long for me to be on the same page as you, but thank you for being so patient and allowing me to be me along the way...

Come December we will invite our second child into this world as a part of our family and we couldn't be more excited. 

As for my 100 mile run, it will have to wait. Yes, I am completely fine with waiting. I will try and continue to run during my pregnancy, but if it is anything like my first pregnancy, I will be saying goodbye to running for a while. Running did not feel good for me my first pregnancy, but I am hopeful that it will this time around. Either way I am happy and I know I always have my yoga practice to rely on if running doesn't fit. 

I will be posting and updating throughout my pregnancy, so if you would like to stick around to keep an eye on me, I would be so happy to have you...

Lots of love,


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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ready For a GiveAway?

Hey Hey, We all Love a good Give Away right? Well good because I got one for you: Kona Deep give away!

As you all know, I have been drinking Kona Deep for the past couple of months (as a daily part of hydrating and training) and I want you to drink it too! I have partnered with Kona Deep and they are willing to send ONE lucky winner (chosen at random, U.S. residents only) Kona Deep: Deep Ocean Drinking Water, Case of 12, 1L Bottles no cost to you...

" Electrolytes and minerals are essential to the function of our cells and organs. Kona Deep has a unique blend of naturally occurring deep ocean electrolytes and trace minerals that help keep your body deeply hydrated, balanced and performing as it was meant to." Kona Deep.
Kona Deep: Deep Ocean Drinking Water, Case of 12, 1L Bottles
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1. Look for this picture floating around via MY: Instagram & Twitter & FaceBook page.

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3. Come back to my Instagram and/or Twitter and/or Facebook post to leave me a comment with (One Fact you learned about Kona Deep.) It's as easy as that!

You have TODAY (April 2,2016) to Participate, so you better Hurry for your chance to Win!!! 

Winner will be picked at random and announced tomorrow( April 3, 2016)


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Treat it like a training day.

What's my mommy going to do??? That's the question???

Are you going to race or treat it like a training day? That was the big question.

First marathon of the year and one to be proud of for many reasons. But, just to name a few: winning in my mind, breaking 4 hours on a training day, and feeling more sore than I've felt in a long time from any run!

Big Island International Marathon aka Hilo Marathon is nothing shy of wonderful. The first time I ran this race was in 2014. The course is truly beautiful. Sometimes it rains, sometimes not. You never know who is going to show up race day to lead the men & women's overall. You run along the ocean, up hills, down hills, through the neighborhood where they cheer from inside their house: you can't see them, but you can hear them. I just wave to acknowledge that I appreciate their support & cheers.

However; this year was different than the last two years. This year, I had to question myself whether or not to race, or treat it like another training day back in Kona. I wasn't sure that mentally I'd be able to go into the start of this marathon and not race it. I wasn't sure I'd know how to treat it like any other training day. Truthfully, I wasn't sure I could control myself from getting caught up in the excitement.

About two weeks prior to the race I got sick. Dealing with an ear & sinus infection, I was unsure if I was going to run the race anyways. I had felt pretty crummy, lacked a week of training - which isn't really that much of a loss, and had been dealing with headaches from hell. I got myself put together the best I could and did exactly as I would have done whether I was sick or not. Hydration & nutrition just as any other day.

I was excited as I got to the starting line. This year it was raining, which I actually enjoy quite a bit. 10 minute start delay due to flooding on course and finally the race began. Immediately, I found my zone. The words began talking in my head " Do not race and Do not chase." It was as if my mind already knew exactly what my body wanted to do for me that day. " Do not race and do not chase" continued playing in my mind every single mile. From that moment, I never questioned what my purpose running Big Island International Marathon was.

My purpose was to treat the marathon like another training day. Deep down in my heart, in my mind, in my body, I knew my 100 miler was/is my goal for the year. These extra races are all added bonuses to my training. Everything I've been learning about ultra distant running has played an important role in training. It's not about speed anymore; it's more about endurance.

Slow & steady finished the race.

The miles ended up slightly faster here and slower there, but considering everything I finished strong. I knew I was a bit more tired from being sick, but "come on and get over this crap already" is what I've been thinking. Ooohhh and I was starving. At mile 24ish, I remember how starving I was. Training for my 100 mile run, I'm learning to eat smaller quantities during the run, but more frequently than I do in just marathon training. I try not to allow myself to reach that point of starving, let alone hungry. It's somewhat different from the typical marathon training & racing I've been used to. But either way, I finished. I treated my marathon just like it was another training day. And now the 100 mile training must continue.............. Ready to get back on track and get to some of these longer mileage run days. Prepping for a 50 mile run is next, according to the plan...

Representing Run Big - Big Island Running Company!

A big congrats to The Big Island International Marathon as they are now a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon. Pretty Cool!!! Come run next year as they also celebrate their 20th year!!

Thanks for the fun weekend Nick, Whistler, and to my sister Bree. Good times with family always helps make things feel better, even when you're not feeling all that well.

Thank you to my Hilo friends for making a point to cheer & chat & snap a few photos, you guys rock!

All smiles

Top 3 female: 3,1,2

Family trip to Big island candies ( prepping for Easter)